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"You must be the change you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

Abundance . . .

Abundance . . .


JOSEPH DUMAS will be at

The Original Long Island Psychic Fair / Sunday, April 17, 2016 / 11AM – 5PM

Glen Cove Mansions

200 Dosoris Lane,

Glen Cove, NY 11542

(516) 671-6400 / For specific information about the event, 516-781-4954


Google Map

Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/DdZ2g

[DIRECTIONS: From New York City—

Take the Midtown Tunnel to the Long Island Expressway (495). Take 495 to Exit 39, Glen Cove Road. Make a LEFT at the traffic light onto Glen Cove Road (Northbound). At approx. 5-miles, there will be a fork in the road. Bear LEFT and continue another 1-1/2 miles to the end (The Fire Station will be in front of you). Make a RIGHT onto Brewster Street. At the FOURTH traffic light make a LEFT onto Dosoris Lane.Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center is about 1-mile on the RIGHT HAND SIDE.]

Long Island Railroad:

From Manhattan’s Penn Station, take the Oyster Bay Line to the Glen Cove Station. For schedule information, contact The Long Island Railroad, at 718-217-LIRR; or, 516-822-LIRR, or visit,http://lirr42.mta.info/index.php?error=noRoute

Taxi Service: Mid-Island Taxi, 516-671-0707. $6 for 1 person; $8 for 2; $10 for 3; & $12 for 4 people. Call 30-mins. in-advance.

VIDEO: T.V. PILOT / 13-minutes / Click-on photograph.

VIDEO: T.V. PILOT / 13-minutes / Click-on photograph.
VIDEO: T.V. PILOT / 13-minutes / Click-on photograph./ @PGuzman



I am clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant. It is possible to do readings and shamanic sessions via telephone.


Please send an e-mail for an appointment or questions, or telephone: 917-740-8062

-PayPal available / Gift Certificates


[+001] (917) 740-8062


Dumas: The Medium & Shaman

Dumas: The Medium & Shaman
Dumas: The Medium & Shaman

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DESCENDED FROM A COMMITTED HEALING TRADITION, Joseph Dumas’ gifts a Spirit Medium, Shaman and Channeler have been experienced by thousands of people for 20-years. With his pantheon of spirit guides, including his principal guide, The Soldier—Joseph is able to communicate with those in the spirit world and bring evidence of survival, messages of hope and offer insights about one’s life story.


As he was coming-of-age, DUMAS began to explore multiple religious traditions and philosophies. Although a confirmed Catholic, Dumas’ spirit began to lead him to examine and question organized religious traditions. And to his never-ending frustration, he discovered infinitely more questions than answers. Today, after traveling the globe for more than a decade and witnessing, first-hand, the manifestation of SPIRIT everywhere, he has come to appreciate there are no simplistic answers and that everyone is free to embark upon their unique and personal spiritual awakening--should they choose to do so.


Scrolling down, visitors will come to an eclectic photography archive—part of Dumas’ spiritual pilgrimages—to far afield destinations in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North and South America.

VIDEO: T.V. Pilot



“…Well, I thought I’d share a secret ….the name/number of an interesting psychic/medium I met with a few weeks ago. Without sharing the details, I’ll just say meeting him was truly a game changer for me. He was great and he also put me in touch with some important and gifted people.” K.C.

“Thank you again for such an amazingly wonderful session. I suspect it will be life changing. You and `my grandmother' made me aware of things that laid dormant in life, my energy . . .I will be forever thankful to you for bringing her through . . . The session also made me aware of things that need to be changed in the family if we are to be a healthy clan. It felt so natural and I LOVED IT!! Not only are you wonderful medium and psychic but you are a great healer as well.” E.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful and insightful reading. I was quite taken when you said that `Jeannie' wanted to come through... she only went by that diminutive name with a few people. She also always would insist on `her hug’ when she picked me up at the airport or train station. So that's quite remarkable that you picked up on those two things. Truth be told, she's the most important loss I've had in a very, very long time, and the situation surrounding her loss was terrible. It's a major source of the stress you were sensing from me.” W.J.

“I sincerely wanted to thank you for an amazing reading earlier today…To say I was stunned is putting it mildly…You also confirmed some things that I already `knew' and answered questions that had been puzzling me. Once again, Joseph, I really appreciated your amazing reading. You have a great ability.” H.J.M.

“. . . I can’t thank you enough for all your help that evening. I have felt so much better since…The experience that night was so surreal. You were able to reveal so much to me about everything I was going through and validated so much of what I was feeling. I feel so blessed and lucky to have the presence of your energy, light and guidance on this journey.”L.S.

“…You kept talking about Lucille and you kept hearing that song in the background. I could not connect it at the time but later that day after I went home it clicked. In the winters I would stay with mom and dad in Florida and there was a restaurant that she loved called `Lucille’s' that we went to all the time.” D.D.

“Thank you so much for your reading yesterday. I'm so grateful for the messages that you relayed to me from my mother. You clarified something I wondered about for a long time.” T.P.

“I want to thank you so much for letting me sit with you: I get it…I just remembered about a bad car wreck she had. What a great gift you have…soooo amazing!” S.T.


"Unlike the human mind which needs to organize in linear time-lines, the Divine mind operates in paradox." - Joseph Dumas

"The veils between this realm and `the other side' are thinner and far more porous than most people realize."
- J.D.

"As my guide,
The Soldier, has reminded me, the `why' in our doing is far more important that the `what'. It is our `intention' which is paramount."- J.D.

-Malidoma Patrice Somé, Ph.D., author, "Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman" (1994):

"...It is my belief that the present state of restlessness that traps the modern individual has its roots in a dysfunctional relationship with the ancestors. In many non-Western cultures, the ancestors have an intimate and absolutely vital connection with the world of the living. They are always available to guide, to teach and to nurture. They represent one of the pathways between the knowledge of this world and the next. Most importantly and paradoxically they embody the guidelines for successful living--all that is most valuable about life. Unless the relationship between the living and the dead is in balance, chaos results."

series: Dusk - 01 / @JDumas
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I am clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant.

It is possible to do readings and shamanic sessions via telephone.

Please send an e-mail: dumasmedium@gmail.com

for an appointment or questions,

or telephone: 917-740-8062



My gifts fully-activated in 1995. It was following an audience with Rosemary Altea, the British medium. All mediums (like me) are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

I am a combination voice, mental, and trance medium and get specific names, places, details, etc. I’ve had deceased parents—mothers and fathers—grandparents, to come forward, as well as siblings, children and even pets; that said, I can never promise who will show themselves, or what information will be given.

IN ADDITION, my shamanic work permits me to help identify and guide sitters toward their core emotional issues.

Shamanism is practiced in more than 200 cultures, globally.

I am descended from a healing tradition: my father, grandfather, and great-uncle were pioneering medical doctors in the 19th and 20th centuries; a great-uncle and uncle were pharmacists; another great-uncle and cousin were dentists; my maternal grandmother and one sister followed Florence Nightingale into the nursing profession.

As I was coming-of-age in the American South, following the deaths of my grandfather and father, it was not uncommon to hear them described by former patients in reverent terms, including the word, “intuitive.” In retrospect, I believe my life-experiences set me on my present course.

Although I was reared in an orthodox construct, my spiritual horizons have widened as I have traveled the world and surveyed numerous cultural and religious traditions.

[see "Photography Journal II" -BELOW].

IN MY TRAVELS throughout the United States, South America, The Caribbean basin, Europe and Asia, common themes emerge: peoples’ needs for shelter, food and love are universal; and people organize their lives within a framework of whether they believe their world is safe, or not. And considered explorations within numerous cultural and religious traditions reveal commonalities in ritual and practice. This syncretism only serves to illustrate we are all on a common journey but taking different routes—yet moving, in our own time, towards the same destination.

The container where I meet sitters offers multiple opportunities for insight. Those who are highly-motivated know best how to profit from our sessions. These people receive the emerging information from our rituals with curiosity and a willingness to expand the frontiers of their consciousness. At the very least, I inform my sitters that our sessions may yield useful information. Their gratitude is my reward.

[DISCLAIMER: Nothing herein is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice. Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so. This site and the services offered are for entertainment and amusement purposes only.]


SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS: Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North, Central and South America and the Caribbean basin. / @copyright Joseph Dumas (All Rights Reserved)

GREECE - Candleabra in a Greek Orthodox Church - Island of Corfu / @JDumas

GREECE - Candleabra in a Greek Orthodox Church - Island of Corfu / @JDumas

ISRAEL - Banyan Tree at Akko / @JDumas

ISRAEL - Banyan Tree at Akko / @JDumas



JERUSALEM - Candles being lit beside Christ's Tomb / @JDumas

JERUSALEM - Candles being lit beside Christ's Tomb / @JDumas

JERUSALEM - Church of the Holy Sephulchre / @JDumas

JERUSALEM - Church of the Holy Sephulchre / @JDumas


RECORDING: "Yogini Bhava: Shakti Mantras - Invoke the Divine Within" (Available through Lotus Press.com) / Artist: Shambhavi

NEW YORK CITY: Shambhavi and the musician, Ron Blake, in collaboration. / @JDumas

NEW YORK CITY:  Shambhavi and the musician, Ron Blake, in collaboration. / @JDumas
Blake's recording, "What is Your Prayer For," was inspired by Shambhavi [CD: "Shayari," (Mack Avenue Records) click-on image].

BOOK: "Yogini: Unfolding the Goddess Within," by Shambhavi Chopra.

BOOK:  "Yogini:  Unfolding the Goddess Within," by Shambhavi Chopra.
The author addresses transformative processes, including her own, and chronicles a prescient first-meeting with Dumas. Shambhavi Chopra is one of the foremost Yoginis or women teachers of the deeper aspects of Yoga coming out of India today. She shows how yogic practices of ritual, mantra and meditation can bring the power of the Goddess into our daily lives.

BOOK: "Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess ["Kali"]," by Shamhavi Chopra.

BOOK:  "Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess ["Kali"]," by Shamhavi Chopra.
KALI: A new interpretation of the dark goddess' divine feminine principles. Kali works with Dumas on shamanic journeys. (click-on image)

BOOK: (CHILE) A dramatic account of a miracle manifested by my friend, Rosita Santelices Errazuriz.

BOOK: (CHILE) A dramatic account of a miracle manifested by my friend, Rosita Santelices Errazuriz.
Book: "Luz en la Montana," ("Light in the Mountain"), by Chilean author Rosita Santelices-Diaz (2010). A beautifully rendered account of the August 2004 airline crash survived by the author and her husband and their safety to whom they attribute to the intervention of St. Therese of Lisieux. According to Chilean Aviation authorities, no one has ever walked away from such an accident since they began to maintain records. Also, the author recounts her October 2004 meeting with Dumas in Chile's Casablanca Valley and their intersection with St. Therese of Liseux. To order, click on the image.

FRANCE / @JDumas

FRANCE / @JDumas

ITALY / @JDumas

ITALY / @JDumas


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